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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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meeting about to start good afternoon., commissioner vietor:.or dor here.
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commissioner courtney: here. >> commission caen is expected to the shortly. >> minutes of the august 28 meeting. motions? iy seconded. all in favor all in favor, eye. this is the time for public comment es. do we have public comments? yes, sir, >> my name is ryan thomas i work with the sf puc [?].
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>> are ehere for ed's item, that's on the agenda, so, please hold off until then. any other public comments not on the agenda today? okay, thank you. communications? we have several vip reports before us. i think, any questions or comments from the dmition? okay, any public comment on the communications? okay, thank you. other commission business? >> i did want to inquire about the joint pc environment commission meeting and if we're moving forward with that. i have another inquiry about
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that. if they want to talk about that or make time to talk about that? >> i didn't have any further information. maybe staff has information on that. >> that's correct sir. >> maybe by our next meeting staff could coordinate with the staff from the environment commission and come back to us with a proposed date and proposed agenda items and we can discuss them? >> great. okay, item 6a. madam secretary, would you called item. >> reading. pursuing the san francisco charter, 8b,... between san francisco public you till taoegs commission. harlan kelly jr., ... reason reading finance.
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>> okay, thank you: let me give just a brief summary of the contract that you have in front of you. it was posted with the secretary of the commission 10 days prior to this meeting pursuant to charter: agreement follows very closely,. m aa contract. it does get a term of 5 years with a possible reopener at the ends of 2 year, which is what the m aa contract is up for renewal. we have included the charter language na permits a center program, if we could figure out what that looks like. we have not figured that out in the past but, if we can come to an agreement on that, we have to ability to do that. there was a provision that allows mr. kelly to accrue sick pay during the term of his contract and we have agreed on a salary, which
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is the same as that that mr. harrington is being paid. and it's probably the shortest, simplest, easiest to understand extract that i have seen for any purpose. any comments or questions from the commission? >> yes, you said 5 year? >> yes. >> it says 2015 here. 3 years. >> it should not. that's an error. >> so, i don't know if i have the final version: >> i wasn't involved in the contract negotiations, but, i presume the 5 years relate to the provietions in section 5 that provides for an extension to 2017 after certain
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intervening events. but, because i wasn't involved, i'm assuming harlan and beth [inaudible]. reviewed and understood that. >> that is not what we agreed to. we agreed to a 5 year term with a 2 year opener, which gives us the option of making adjustments depending on the n aa contract. >> the only thing about that, if you read section 5 where it says if, by september 22015,... (reading). such and such, so, that language doesn't make any sense if this is not a reappointment. >> no, this is very wrong. [laughter] do you want the [inaudible] version? [laughter]. this is
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the last version. but, there's obviously a misunderstanding and i can't see what it is. >> i'm trying to think of the best way to resolve that. we had worked with beth in your office. if she is around, if we could reframe that by the ends of is this meeting. >> that's a great way to proceed, i'll give her a text message right now and see if she can come over. >> we will continue that item until later in the meeting. my apologies to everyone for that confusion. mr. president? >> i also noticed another typo on exhibit a.. it's almost
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funny. the paragraph ends with edward kelly harlan junior, i'd like to see a merger. [laughter]. >> that's a good one though. thank you. >> we will commend that change to staff as well. okay, which brings us to item 6b. >> (reading. edward ed harrington: to 28 years to the .... >> we have the today the unaugust ral performance today for dramatic reading. mr. kelly. [laughter] if you would like too lead the troops here. >> harlan kelly, general manager for infrastructure. i
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have the opportunity to kick this off. we've presented a lot of resolution us over the years. this one is very special. his direct reports would like to take turns reading passages that reflects ed's brilliant tenure as the san francisco puc manager, and our bosses. ed, also, fment moran, would read the summation. ed haring tan has serveded people of san francisco for the past 28 years and -- whereas ed haring top worked from 19 84 to 19 p 91, and advanced to being assistant general manager and whereas in
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991, mayor appointed and mayor willy brown reappointed edward harrington to serve at controller, and handleed city operations. my members of the board, and countless officials on many issues. >> whereas after serving the city with distinction. edward harrington was nominateed by this commission to serve adds them of the st puc, and whereas, during his tenure, he used his exceptional mental management, outstanding leadership and commitment to community it prove., to guidesed puc through the wastewater and pour and water
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enenterprises. >> whereas edward harrington has over saw the 4.6 billion water pramg, up breading, hetch hetchy, and greatly improving walter system. this will result in 28,000 jobs, 40 6 regional, together yielding 300 million, and wageed and 5 m*urn million work hour us. >> whereas edward harrington leaded negotiate et to supply a any water agreement, with all the puc customers and skillfully managed the capital financial, achieving savings for decades to come. leads the puc in energy i fish sea and
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conser evaluation, and renewable energy in san francisco. such as the photoviktajc origran, and... >> whereas id harrington has advanceed a long anticipated a sewage system, and a vent goals and objectives to move forward with a multi-bill dollar upgrade and significantly advance the level of on going capital repair and replacement of aging wastewater infrastructure. whereas ed harrington leaded sf puc, into a more sustainable head quarters at 525 golden gate avenue. and representing a
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long-term investment, in san francisco's environmental and economic future, resulting in savings. now, therefore be it -- >> i think it was suppose today be an and. whereas mr. harening ton's. commitment, leaded sf puc, to establish a community benefits policy, which has guideded agency, to assure our water e waste wa*etion and meaningfully benefit persons of color, both in san francisco and the region. in part due to the support and resources. marshalled by mr. haring ton, city funded projects hire local workers and unite lied local
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contractors: business enter tried tried for puc project. >> now, this commission thereby congratulates from harening ton, staff, and p*ux, for your leadership of this agency, and forward thinking. [applause]. (people were reading from letters). [applause] >> i suppose we should do that. so moved. >> seconded. [laughter]. >> and by acclimation, i adopt
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it. >> [inaudible] .). thank you.
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okay. and we have several people who want to adds their voices to that, and we should start with mr. thomas, thank you for your patience. >> good afternoon. mr. harrington, we would like to thank you for your leadership, your aability to mentor and lead your staff in this community. first of all, when we embarked on the water system in the region, mr. harrington leaded charge for preapprentices. we went through many zip codes, making sure there's state law for apprentice unite lie station, which includeed preapprentice
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programs. today we have 4 community based organizations. san juaquin, cypress mandella, alameda county, citybuiod, sf county, apoi, san mateo county, proge==ject build. we would like to thank you for your outstanding after fort, and city staff that worked in labor
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apresent itions on both of the training classes. >> t*fs a pleasure for me to do that, there were some great folk that is came out. i think you know one. success stories happening on one of the (inaudible). i knew from the very fist day that young man came into that program that he would make someone a perfect employee, and he d. it's been profound for me to work with the member members of jtop. i've maerd of you, i've heard your names many times. though,
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i'm not try to rush you away, i can't recall the entire lines of the poem by langston hughes. in reference to retirement, life is short, aoeltd desert first. [giggles]. mass [applause] >> good evening commissioners : art shanks, hhere with donna milelr, any assist and,thank you on behalf of the board. i think a vision was created. without vision, there can be no success. when we talk about reducing crime, stakeholder egg people from the community and making them productive, you have to have something you can give them so they can reach back. you did that. vision is critical. without vision
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there's no hope. without hope there's nothing. you gave hope to these young people. to put them into a meaningful career, something they can take for the rest of their life is vaultible. commitment by people that were in power is very important and very critical. without the right decisions. this could not have happened. this collaboration is one. most profound unificationics i have worked w. i am very proud to work with each of these organizations to make sure we put the best to work on these projects. we're not going to see what we did until the next 5 or 6 years. we're in a cane walk walk you can down the street, they'll say, i know you mr. harrington, you gave us an opportunity, we heard about it. my point that i want to make
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and solidify. without vision, without people that can make decision ition that are going to benefit the commune community, we're all in trouble. i would like to thank you for from the bottom of my heart. thank you mr. harrington. we would like to honor you with the special plaque,. donna is going to read it. it reads as such, (reading from plaque. >> this comem raive flag is awarded to you regarding yourout standing leadership, project, job training program,. your support has affordsed opportunities to graduates of
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preapprenticeship programs and helped changed lives of any economically disadvantaged rez tends. puc s*efszs chlg alameda, san francisco ap ri. san francisco count i city build acadly, san juak=quin, san mateo s job trainnig program. this is for you. [applause] >> thank you. i don't get by with without a shake:
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>> [inaudible]. >> i puc stead build, almost 3 years ago, city build brought me over, and american ... i had the great privilege of working on the puc buildings. we put a great number of san francisco red dents to work. it was very, very, gratifying for the individuals here in san francisco who needed that work. in the last 2 years or last year, i i have been working in the regent, and over this period of time, city build academy, over 500 graduates. and they eighth ifr started
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careers with the projects or worked with the projected. my es steels colleagues say this is a life changer, and we aappreciate your leadership, we look forward to working with your predecessor. [laughter] i mean, successor. >> mr. harrington, puc is a great place to work for. economy had a downturn, you gave the direction to the department, let's put people to work, see what we can do. the team effort, delegation of authority, with all your general managers was outstanding. chris igesias came over, and did an outstanding job. >> i want to thank this
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wonderful group of folks. city build, san francisco, job train, san mateo, were are they at, cypress mandella, and san juaquin's group. whether you join me many the ranks of the retired. you have done a wonderful job, because you have provided a future for a whole lot of folks. thank you, ed harrington, and i love you. [applause] >> thank you, jaemtions, brian, zel da, for giving me all the credit for all l work you've done. for all to make it happen. >> mr. fil--?


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